About Us

01photo_1Chung Shan Medical University College of Oral Medicine Center is the most competitive oral medicine center in middle Taiwan. We not only provide the advanced equipments but also professionally particular departments, high quality medical services and meticulous infection control. In our center, patients can only afford inexpensive cost but get the best healthcare quality

Chung Shan Medical University College of Oral Medicine Center, which is the national only one oral medicine center combine clinical diagnostics and therapeutics, research, education and training. Chung Shan Oral Medicine Center was invested 550 millions to built, it is a beautiful red brick block and has 12 stories above ground and three underground, including parking lot, student classrooms, oral consulting rooms, clinical therapist rooms, student intern rooms, laboratory and student dormitory, which is an omni-bearing Oral Medicine and Research Center.

Environment Introduction



Waiting Area


Consulting Room


Equipments Introduction

  • The Circulating Water Purification System of dialysis class.
  • VIP Consulting Room with 3millions patient seating, provide the unique services for patients.
  • Specific anesthetists control the process of anesthesia.
  • Using disposable instruments to avoid cross-infection.
  • Indolence local anesthesia equipment.
  • The most advanced Whitening Accelerator.
  • TMJ arthroscopy.
  • Root canal microscope.